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Starla is married with two kids. She holds a degree 

in Finance and Business administration. Starla has been 

surfing the net since 1998 and built her first web

site in 2000.

Since then she has retired from any "real" work and

earns all her income from the internet. She has built

8 more websites since her first one in 2000. 



Angel is an insatiably curious and sex obsessed 

woman just turning thirty. She has been online since 

1997 and the first thing she did on the world wide web 

was start looking at porn. She has written several 

articles on intimacy with topics ranging from 

anal sex to blowjobs. She enjoys both the male and 

female form and enjoys various fetish images as well.




 terra is a 30 year old  girl that is employed outside of 

the home and also a student pursuing a degree in 

Social Work.   terra has been known to  fool around and 

write a little fiction here  and there, but has not actively 

sought out being published, yet.  

Outspoken and opinionated, she is passionate about her 

pet projects, one of them being adult content on the net. 

She is honored to be asked to help with 

doing the site reviews for the Naughty Guide.



Vote for my site!

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