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Starla's Favorites 


I enjoy a good site and a good read. So here are a few of my favorite picks!



GentlyGently -

Starla says -  I loved this blog and spent hours wandering through it. I think I was hooked when I read this snippet 

"Mr Gently the Man is your common or garden man, nothing special, in a long relationship with my partner, with children, I live in an average home. I have the usual quibbles that most Humans have, namely that sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm unhappy, I see flaws in my life, my relationships and my world, and I want them corrected." 

Its honest,  its open and its a pleasure to read. If you are lookng for great material then this site is a must visit.

terra says - Got this one on my list to come back to to read daily.  Mainly comprised of erotic fiction, and it is good fiction at that. Little snippets here and there into the mind of a sexually charged male.  His writing style sneaks up on you gently, as the site is so aptly named. I got hooked reading thru for this review.  His words danced across the page and the images in my mind came very easily.  The site is very easy to navigate built on the blogger format as a blog.  Mr Gently was nice enough to tag his favorite posts, which readers should check out.  My only complaint is there is a lot going on in the sidebar, but that is the draw back of blog format, there is only so much space for front page content.

Reviewed Oct 1 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none


Debbie's Dirty Little Diary

Starla Says -  This is one hot little blog!  Lots of stories to get the imagination running wild. Both Debbie and CJ post to this blog and pics/movies are included!  Its easy on the eyes and being on blog spot easy to navigate.  Some links are dead links but over all its a great site to visit!


Angel SaysSexy doesn't say it. This blog has steamy stories and experiences with accompanying pictures. Simple to navigate, easy on the eyes, and definitely squirm worthy.


Reviewed May 18  2007- Cost- Free  - Advertising Content - Little


Bdsm Greetings -- If you are looking for quality 

BDSm Greeting Cards then this is the place to be. Easy to navigate not pop ups, completely free, wide variety of cards and styles and updated weekly.  The privacy policy is clearly stated, they have numerous contact information posted, no pop ups, no unwanted advertising,  and the cards are sent out promptly to the recipients. We have nothing but praise for this site. 


Reviewed Feb 4 2007 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -Little 


 Curvaceous Dee - Female Blogs Submissive
Starla Says -   It is not too often then we assign a 5 star rating to a site. However Curvaceous Dee is more then deserving of receiving 5 stars. Her writing style is captivating and flows naturally and freely. No false pretense in what she writes. She will capture your interest as she openly discusses all aspects of her life. Poly, kinky, Curvaceous! Her site is easy to navigate, clean,  and maintained on a regular basis.  Photos are clean and sharp. You will not be disappointed when visiting this site!

Terra Says - Curvaceous Dee is an enthralling writer.  One of the things that I love about doing reviews for The Naughty Guide, is being exposed to amazing writers, and Dee is one of them.  Her blog resides on, and has very little ad content, other than toplist links and her own reviews.  The link list on the sidebar is long, but there are other writers there to discover.  The template is clean and not distracting to the content that lies within.  Her tale is that of a kinky and poly girl, sharing insights into issues that can arise from being poly, such as jealousy.  She also gives scene/sex reports and does reviews for products.

Reviewed Feb 17 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 




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