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How we do our reviews


The exquisite erotic art of Anthony Christian - Misc
Starla Says -  
The Title says it all.

This site is absolutely amazing! I love this site! It is well put together, easy to navigate and the picture quality is exquisite! I have gone back time after time to view what has been posted and I think I am continually amazed and startled with the quality and the perfection of the art displayed. 

It is on blogger, which is a downfall, for a site of this quality and style really deserves its own piece of the net. This site is the epitome of erotic art and guaranteed to please.

Many of the photos are accompanied by short anecdote that explains the reasoning behind the picture. It’s a  behind the scenes  look into the creators mind,  and gives the viewer thoughts to ponder.

 This site is well worth the hours upon hours that you will spend while viewing it and has already been added to my favorites

Reviewed Feb  2009 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -none

MauiKink     - Sex Toy Store
Starla Says -  Maui Kink specializes in Custom Made bondage gear from Maui, however the website is dark and difficult to navigate. The black background with white print becomes a strain on the eyes after about 30 minutes. The page size is too large causing the reader to continually scroll sideways.  I changed the screen resolution in order to stop scrolling but the print was then so small it was unreadable.  From here I went to look for products..and found none. One sees  ""Home About     Contact MauiKink    Shipping and Orders    FAQ's   Privacy and Security Policy    Wholesale and Distribution    Links and Resources"" 

but no product page. 

 I continued my search and finally found a list of products at the bottom of the home page.  Clicking on the links one finds each product but it seems that the only payment method they allow is paypal. Given the stance paypal has taken on adult sites one would wonder why this is the only payment option.          

 I then proceeded to click on The Cross for it stated “Click on photo for larger details, colors and materials”  in doing so it took me to a totally different product. Again I had to search for the Cross.

Overall this site has a LONG way to go to being reader and user friendly

Reviewed Feb  2009 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -none

The Iron Gate - BDSm Resource
Starla Says -  
Chalked full of information, this site is sure to keep you occupied throughout most of the day. The website owner proclaims it to be a database of BDSM knowledge for the newbies to the seasoned lifestyler and one has to agree you will find something to interest you on this site.

 The advertising content is high and I found the number of links at times to be overwhelming. The links are just a title and link with nothing to tease your taste buds   until you actually click on it.

 The layout is clean and sharp and the information is overwhelming! You will find anything and everything BDSM related here.  

Reviewed Feb 2009 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -High 

Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties - female blogs submissive
Starla Says -  
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites! I love the Dear Aunt Subbie section and laughed at the questions and replies along with the originality of the entire site! My only complaint is that is is not updated frequently.

Its maintained by two submissives and a "vanilla" friend, thus allowing each to contribute their unique views from vanilla to natural submissive to sassy and opinionated. They bring their fantasies and life stories to the site. This in turns creates a site with loads of information that will never bore you.

There is no advertising content, no bells and whistles, no flash animation, this is a good, clean, well laid out site!

Reviewed Jan  2009 Cost- free - Advertising Content -none

Teen HDV - Pay Per View 
Starla Says -  
I found this site well laid out and easy to maneuver around. Pages loaded quickly and are of good quality. I liked that there was no advertisements and pop ups on this site but rather on a separate link so you had the option to view them.

Photos were good quality and of many models; there were explicit photos in many shoots. There were clear instructions on the Video on Demand pages.

However; the live chat requires additional sign up and the videos were slow to download. I could not load the slide shows either

Reviewed Jan  2009 Cost- Monthly Reoccuring Bill - Advertising Content -Some 

Sex love fun - Adult photos
Starla Says -  
Once again I feel like advertising content has kidnapped me and dragged me into a vortex of blank space as I wait for pages to load.

Entering this site you are confronted with numerous advertising content, flash, animated graphics, and video links that take you to a pay per view site. All the animation and flash, which is irrelevant to the content of the site, does nothing but slow it down and cause the viewer to lose interest. If you can wait it out, you will find pictures don't displayed correctly, blurring and often difficult to see.

The site focus seems to be more on how to make money from advertising rather then how to build a good quality site.  

Reviewed Jan  2009 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -HIGH 

Lollie's World - Misc
Starla Says -  
Sit down, relax, and enjoy an afternoon of reading and viewing the erotic words written by this self proclaimed average girl who loves sex. The writing flows smoothly, its original, and well crafted, giving the reader an insight into the author. Pictures are posted on a fairly regular basis and those pictures are clear, sharp, tasteful and at times just plain HOT

There is no real advertising content, some of the side links are no longer working, but overall is this a great way to spend an evening!

Reviewed Jan 2009 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -none

Bedroom Angels Bedtime Stories   - Misc Erotic Stories 
Starla Says -  
Imagine my surprise when this showed up back in my inbox after the last poor review of this site. But I must say, I was the one surprised. I cannot believe how nicely the site has been revamped. The entrance page clearly covers all aspect of legalities, with the option to leave. Upon entering the site, you see that it is organized and easy to navigate. 

The links actually lead to the stories and the stories are categorized based on topic. All advertising is in the appropriate spot and there are no longer any misleading links.  What an improvement!

The owner has also added a "User Rating"  and a comment section. 

Now to the meat of this site.  The stories are erotic and most are well written. They are gathered through writer submissions and some writers are better then others. "First Time Anal" was an excellent story about....anal sex.  I also read Fun in the Hospital written By asubtlepassion (whom has numerous submission.)  And I read "Naughty Nurse". 

This site is packed full of stories, that will keep you reading for days to come. It is now user friendly and user interactive.    A great way to spend a few evenings!

Reviewed Oct  2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -Some 





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