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Buying Adult sex toys

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Buyers Guide


We offer a few suggestion to help make your online

experience more enjoyable. Please be sure to use common

sense when purchasing anything from online


1) Do Your own research - We will try to give you good

useable reviews but we are human and could miss 

something so be sure to do your own research of a site

BEFORE buying. 


2) Search for Reviews of a site - And not just with 

The Naughty Guide. But with other sites. If you read bad 

reviews then use common sense and don't buy.


3) Check their payment options - Be sure you know

what your are signing up for BEFORE you join.

Different pay sites have different payment options from a 

one time fee, to a recurring monthly fee. ASK. 


4) Check their Contact Information - A good site will

offer more then just an email for contact. So check their 

contact information, see if its easy to locate and

accurate. Call them, email them.  Use their customer 

service. For is it this vary same customer service you

are going to have to use if there is a problem with

your items/account. 


5) Read the Terms - Is their a guarantee if so what is it?

Is it a recurring bill, every 30 days every 90 days. Are

you locked into a 6 months contract? You approve

the terms of the site so KNOW what the terms are. 


6) Cancellation/Return Policies -  How much notice to 

cancel your subscription? How long does it take?

How do you cancel? If buying goods, is their a return

policy, a restocking fee, a time limit. 


7) Joining/Buying - Be sure when using your credit card 

that the site is SECURE.  Be sure the address bar is

https://  . Keep track of your credit card statement.  Many

adult sites and retail toy sites will use alternate names. 

Find out how its going to be billed and under

what name. 

We hope this information has been of some help.



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