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BDSm Resource Sites 




A submissives journey - BDSM Resource 
Starla Says - 
This was an easy site to review given that I am a frequent visitor of this site.  This site is a labor of love. It is designed and created and maintained by the owner. Its not a word press, its not blog spot, its not live journal or maintained by a third party like many sites are today. 

 Its clean, its refreshing, its unique and original. The site is easy to navigate with no real advertising content. The information contained within is, accurate and well written. Links are all working.

 A submissive journey has been on my favorite list for years and is guaranteed to become one of yours

Reviewed Oct  2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 


The Internet Escort's Handbook - - Sexuality Resource

Starla Says -  A new site focusing on the Escort industry and promoting The Internet Escorts Handbook.  Prices are clearly stated, site follows all 2257 laws, and ordering is via a secure server.  The site is easy to navigate and the information is laid out in a professional manner. Author states new updates will be added to the resource section, although what is there is useful and complete. 

Terra Says - Site that is the advert for the Book: The Internet Escort's Handbook.  Price is clearly stated, able to order thru a secure site (CCNOW) or via Amazon.  There is also a resource area with links to articles of interest, and a Blog to keep up with the author.  All links work and the site is professionally done.

Reviewed Jan 24 2008- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - some


Decadent pleasure -

Starla says -  My main complaint with this site its that it is hosted on geocities. My first impulse was to close the page. I feel the owner has done themselves an injustice by doing all that work, all that time, only to put it on geocities.  If you can get pass the advertisements that geocities is laced with, then this site has some impressive BDSM information.  Its chalked full of information and resources. I gave this site three stars but a move off geocities would warrant a new review and a higher rating.

terra says -A free BDSM information site hosted on a free site.  While I usually would not give this page a second, I do have to say it is done well for what it is.  I really would have liked to see more original content from the owners, rather than a collection of weblinks.  I also would have like to see the authors information on the link page rather than following the link to find out who wrote what. :)  Other than that, the layout is done well, no broken links, ad content was minimal with the sidebar that can be closed.  I give this one a three.

Reviewed Oct 1 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content -medium 


Alternative Albany - 

Starla says -  When I saw this in my inbox I was at first thrilled to review this site. I have been back to it numerous times since then and I still find it difficult to navigate, the advertising content is much too high, and the appearance is not appealing to the viewer.  I am not even sure where to begin. It states a BDSm resource, yet its a blog, you see the authors collarme add, myspace profile, adultspace profile ect, from there you can click on categories yet again its about the Author, and not so much about it being a BDSM Resource.   Its confusing and difficult to navigate.  Unfortunately this site was a let down and needs a revamp in order to be more user friendly. 

terra says - Not impressed.  What is this site?  What is it's purpose and it's meaning?  It claims to be a learning resource but I cannot find any of the content hidden behind way to much blinking flashing ads.  The site is really confusing to navigate.  Clicking on the links in the categories seems to just refreshes the page due to the article box being so small.  Having the blog/article piece in a small box is difficult and to time consuming for me to try and read.  The background color is even drab. 

Reviewed Oct 1 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content -High 





Sir Knight's Realm

Starla Says- This is one of my all time favorite sites chaulked full of information. Mija writes with honesty and an open heart. She shares her life as she struggles in finding a balance between her submission, her marriage, being a wife, a catholic and all of lifes titles. This is a good read!


Angel Says- There is truly something for everyone on this site. From butt plug training to abuse prevention Sir Knight's Realm is a delight. Beautifully designed and easy to navigate you will be treated to a wealth of information. Truly a must see!

Reviewed June 25 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none




My Collar Space -

Starla says - A new BDSM resource site. The design lay out is dark which after an hour of viewing I always find hard on the eyes. It has a consistent theme throughout the site. The Essay section and erotica section has numerous stories and articles to read, the other sections seem to be mainly under construction. As a resource site its not quite there yet, but it is new and growing and a re-visit in 6 months might be needed.


Angel Says - This site has a lot of potential. The design is clean, consistent, and elegant. And, the content in the Erotica section is hot. i found the article i read in the Essay section to be well written. Many of the sections, however, were still under construction. I'll be very interested to see this site once its complete.



Reviewed June 3 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - some




f-cynyr: let the wild rumpus begin

Starla Says - This site was difficult for me to review for I have little interest in poetry and little knowledge of what is good or bad. However, that being said, the site is easy to navigate, links are working, its updated fairly often. This is a no frills site with plenty of poetry. 
Angel Says - A nicely designed blogspot blog filled with BDSM poetry. The links work, the navigation is easy, and its updated with fair frequency.  
Reviewed March 19  2007- Cost- Free  - Advertising Content - None


Insatiable Kisses -  

Starla Says - I enjoy the layout of this site. Its brand new with little information at this time. The theme is consistent throughout the entire site. Its not difficult to read although as stated its a new site. It definitely has the potential to grow and become a great resource. The majority of the site is a members only , and I still cannot find a privacy policy which The Naughty Guide believes needs to be in a visible place especially when registration is needed. We will keep an eye on this site and do a new review in 6 months to see how it has grown.


Angel Says - The design on this site is gorgeous and it navigates like a dream. Everything is in place for a really great site. If the content it acquires is as onkey as its design this will be a genuine gem.

Reviewed Feb 13  2007- Cost- Free but registration is required  - Advertising Content - None


Yes Master Resource Site -

Elegant site well designed and easy to navigate. Tons of information on BDSM and The Law, but also has a few  incomplete categories such as the Book Review. This is a site worth checking out. 

Reviewed Feb 4  2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - very little



Powerotics   - BDSM Resource  
Starla Says -  I went back to this site numerous times in order to generate a review. It is PACKED full  of BDSm information however one must pay and join in order to access it.  

I don't think you will be disappointed! It covers all aspect of BDSM and more. With in depth information and clear sharp photos.   In the members area you will find hundreds of soft and hard core photos.

The site has information and photos  on every type of BDSM you can imagine from Mastering a 24/7 relationship to "enema bondage."  If you are new to the lifestyle then this is a must read for it answers any question your could possibly have. 

This is a great site and you can spends days lost in the content of this site!

Reviewed Aug  2008 Cost- Monthly reoccurring fee - Advertising Content -some 



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