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Couples Blogs/Journals 




The Corporate Bitch   - Couples Blogs 
Starla Says -   The layout of this blog made it a little difficult to review. I return back to this blog a few times before I was able to do the complete review. The very first page contains  a full year of entries in which your scroll and scroll. (It states to read from the bottom up, but we are taught to read left to right, starting at the top)  In my case I felt this was a disservice to the site. 

        Its nice to peek into the life and minds of other and the writer of this blog has been generous enough to allow us a look.  The writing is open and honest. Its easy to ready and the site is easy on the eyes. No pop ups and very little ad content. The writing is very insightful and brutally honest. An interesting read that will provide you with some new perspectives.

Reviewed May 15 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 


Caution: Thoughts Crossing   - Couples Blogs 
Starla Says -   Another amazing blog. Some days I really enjoy my job as reviewer and this is one of those days. I read the first delicious page, and frantically searched for the archives. My heart falling when I did not see the link immediately at the top of the page. I was thrilled, to say the least, to find an archived link with numerous entries for me to absorb. The writing is sensual, delicious, titillating. The pictures are clear, crisp with corresponding quotes beside each one.  Things to make you think, to make you smile and to make you laugh. This is a great website!

Reviewed May 15 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 

Master Homis' Domain   -I reviewed this blogger after terra and after the move to His own domain was made. That being said, it is still slow to load and has heavy ad content. Numerous animated ads/ banners that slow down loading. The site itself and the writers are new to the blog world with archived entries dating back to January 2008.  I tried to read throughout the site but due to time it takes to load I basically gave up and read the content on the first page only. What was there is good but I do believe there is way too much bandwidth being taken up but unnecessary content and that in turns slows down your enjoyment of the site. 

Terra Says - Hmmmm....... having an ad replace your site while the page loading is not fun.  I understand that people got to make a buck, but I don't like to be held hostage by ad content. 

A newbie pair to D/s with a newbie blog.  Started in Jan 2008, it is the documentation of the couple  learning the "life", if you will.  It is picture heavy and ad heavy, so definitely not for those on dial up.  Set up on blogger, using a custom template, the ad content is very heavy.   This could be another blog to watch to see how the relationship develops.  It is this one's opinion tho, that they need to move to their own site, so that they can not have to worry about the site being flagged for "objectionable content" and also to put up an entrance page to keep the kiddies out.
I give this one two stars based on ad content and the age of the blog.

Reviewed March 21 2008 Cost- Free -Advertising Content-HIGH 

Mandys Erotic Life   - Couples Blogs
Starla Says -   A well written and enticing blog! Mandy is a 50 yr old swinger whom is not afraid to bare it all. Her blog consist of erotic stories, a few toy reviews, and numerous entries to get you hot and bothered. Its on standard blogger format, no pop ups, but allot of advertising content.  Many many links some work some don't. If you can bypass the negative and savor over the content then this is a great5 blog to add to your favorites!

Terra Says -Mandy's Erotic Life is the documentation of a swinger.  The content is hot!  She shares the stories from her swinging lifestyle, flirtations and sex with others, alongside of her husband.  She also reviews sex toys, books and clothing.  "Two Minutes to Make Me Cum" is a hot serial story that highlights her writing talent and her lifestyle.  The blog is set up on Blogger, and the ad content is heavy and yes, some of the ads blink enough to be distracting.    It hides the archive links and makes navigation kind of frustrating.  Most of the links work and are active Check out her About Me page to learn more about her.

Reviewed March 21 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -High 

Debbie's Dirty Little Diary

Starla Says -  This is one hot little blog!  Lots of stories to get the imagination running wild. Both Debbie and CJ post to this blog and pics/movies are included!  Its easy on the eyes and being on blog spot easy to navigate.  Some links are dead links but over all its a great site to visit!


Angel SaysSexy doesn't say it. This blog has steamy stories and experiences with accompanying pictures. Simple to navigate, easy on the eyes, and definitely squirm worthy.


Reviewed May 18  2007- Cost- Free  - Advertising Content - Little



AlexSuze - 

Starla Says -  I have been a follower of this site for as long as I can remember!  Its a free site that's somewhat easy to navigate, at times I find the design and all the links make it cluttered but once you overcome that, sit down for a few hours and get ready to enjoy the stories, articles, and the writings of this couple.  The galleries are free, the site is free and the content will surely please you. 


Angel Says - A smorgasborg of yummy stuff. Stories, blog posts, pictures, oh my! There are even toy reviews! This one is a must see.


Reviewed May 18  2007- Cost- Free  - Advertising Content - Little






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