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Female Dominant Blogs




Mistress Sombsa - Pro Dominatrix 
Starla Says - I donít enjoy going to a site and feeling like I have been kidnapped into viewing an ad. Immediately upon entering, there is a corner page section that is impossible to miss that directs you, without a click, to Itís annoying and takes away from the site.

The site is poorly laid out and heavy with advertising content.  When you click on The Pictures link or the Mistress Sombsa link in order to view the content, it adds it all the way at the bottom of the page. You must scroll through link after link after link to get to the meat of the site.

  I lost interest in this site immediately. Poorly laid out, way too much advertising and not enough about the Mistress

Reviewed Oct  2008 Cost- No Idea - Advertising Content -EXTREMELY HIGH 

Annette Schwarz Blog  - Female Blogs Dominant 
Starla Says -  This is one hot blog! I have been at this site numerous times to look and review. And I truly believe you will not be disappointed.  The videos are clear and are sure to get you hot and bothered. The videos are  small clips/trailers. If  you wish to view the entire video you have to join the pay site. (We have yet to review the pay site) . 

You will find pictures of piss and cum and girls and guys.  The pictures are high quality photos showing her gorgeous body. Annette includes writings  to go with her pictures and the writing is humorous, honest and thought provoking.  She writes, not just about being a porn star, but about life in general. 

The only downfall to this site is some of the links are not working and the author seems to have fallen into  the "latest blog fad" mentality.  Such as HNT or Sugasm, Best of the Blogs ect. I believe this takes away from the uniqueness and originality of a site, when one can go to so many blog sites and see sugasm or HNT or whatever else happens to be "the fad" in the blog world. 

Reviewed June 4 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -Some 

Leather N Pearls   - Female Blogs Dominant 
Starla Says -  The design of this site is a little hard on the eyes with the black and purple. Its done on basic blogger, some advertising but not the "in your face kind" and all the links seem to work.

The content of this blog more then makes up for the difficult design! It has only been around since March of 2008, with fairly frequent updates. Its an open, honest account of a Domme living life to the best of her ability. Her writing flows nicely and is easy to read.   She includes tasteful snippets and a few videos (check out the April 1 Exercise Class video.) 

I hope this site continues on its path for its nice to see a Domme site focusing on real life. 

Reviewed June 4 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -Some 

 Lady Lubyanka   - Female Blogs Dominant
Starla Says -  I have been to this site numerous times since it was submitted for our review. It has fast become one of my favorites! The site is generated on word press, its clean, sharp, easy to read and navigate. The content is amazing! Lady Lubyanka is unique and original in her blog. There is no sugarsm, no HNT, no  meme's, its original and creative. Her writing style is often humorous with a touch of sarcasm. I have laughed at almost every post from her introduction as "a 41 year old musician, who is also a Bisexual, Polyamourous, Dominant Woman. Iím a Jewish, Audio Vibrationist, Atheist, Foodist, . :)

Oh, and Pastafarian :)

Iím a MBPDW JAVAFP-ist" to the search for her archives only to be found under "Stuff that's a bit mouldy."  This site will  captivate you and keep you begging for more.

Terra Says -Started a little over a year ago, Lady Lubyanka writing style is fun and witty.  The glimpse that she gives us into the Dominant mind for me, has been invaluable.  A foodie, a musician and living in Ireland, Her blog is a place to share restuarant reviews, party reviews, rants and thoughts.
Her post on Submission 101 is in my bookmarks for the sheer amount of information that it gives.  It is written for the prospective bottom to arm themselves with knowledge to better make an offering to a Dominant, rather than, here I am, use me!
Nuggets such as Thoughts on the Collar, Communication and Respect and My Dominant is not have given me things to think about and explore further.  I find her style to be refreshingly blunt and to the point.  She does admit that she is verbose, and her posts are meaty, but easy to digest.
Very clean blog on Wordpress, very little ad content and all the links work.  Now She just needs to start writing more frequently!!

Reviewed March 21 2008 Cost-Free-Advertising Content -None 

A Kinky Woman's Guide to the Universe -

Starla says -  This is a blog that I have enjoyed reading throughout the years. It is presently be moved and revamped but once complete it is definitely worth a more detailed review. I gave it three stars based on pass history with this blogger. 

terra says - Since I don't know this blog and it appears that it is in the process of moving from one site to another.. I can't really review it.  other than the page that is up at is very clean and easy to move around. :)

Reviewed Oct 1 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none



The Writings of a Deviant Mind

Starla Says - I love the humor in this site. I really do. It so nice to read a blog that is not all formal and uptight. Thought provacating and truthful came to mind when I read it.

Angel Says- Wry, funny blog of a hot woman and her boy and their journey through life. This blog covers many aspects of their life and is both tender and harsh. A revealing peek at one couple's life. If you are looking for hot interesting brain fodder, this is a good place to go.

Reviewed June 25 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none



Mistress Milliscent 

Starla Says - So many blogs on live journal and blogspot come and go that we are always cautious on reviewing such blogs. Mistress Milliscent has a consistent theme throughout that is easy on the eyes and of course being blogspot easy to navigate. All links seem to be working and its updated fairly regularly. From what I can see and from what I have read there is tonnes of information for a Female Dominant. If your interested in that aspect this is worth a look.


Angel Says - The blog of a charming female dominant. Easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, easy to read. All in all a nice little blog if you enjoy reading about the thoughts of professional Dominatrix.

Reviewed Feb 22  2007- Cost- Free  - Advertising Content - None 




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