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Male Dominant  Blogs




 Urban Roguery   - Male Blogs Dominant
Starla Says -   This is a must read website! The author writes with style and flair. His words are captivating and well thought out. The writer states "These are the shameless offerings of a sensual, articulate man with an adventurous and shadowy side to his sexuality." and his blog is all that and more.  His blog is a great mix of stories, pictures and little tidbits. The only disappointment is the infrequency in which it is updated. Its done on basic blogger, no add content and all the links are working. Good way to spend the afternoon.
Reviewed May 15 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 

 Lustful Quality of Watching Her Erotic Demise - Male Blogs Dominant
Starla Says -   No pop ups, no advertising, done on blogger so its sleak and easy to read. His writing is upbeat and enjoyable. When He wrote about being called harmless, cute and preppy it made me laugh.  Its a look into the mind of a Dominant man, well written and worth adding to your favorites.

Terra Says - Love the author, Diety's, writing style.  Very clean blog on blogger, no ads, blog roll side bar is minimal.  It is always a pleasure to have a peek into the Dominant mind, and this man's mind is delicious.  It may help that His main focus of the blog is one of my fetishes; transforming His girls bodily persona to His likes.  His soul is infused in His writing and I am captivated to read more from Him....

Reviewed Dec 27  2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 


GentlyGently -

Starla says -  I loved this blog and spent hours wandering through it. I think I was hooked when I read this snippet 

"Mr Gently the Man is your common or garden man, nothing special, in a long relationship with my partner, with children, I live in an average home. I have the usual quibbles that most Humans have, namely that sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm unhappy, I see flaws in my life, my relationships and my world, and I want them corrected." 

Its honest,  its open and its a pleasure to read. If you are lookng for great material then this site is a must visit.

terra says - Got this one on my list to come back to to read daily.  Mainly comprised of erotic fiction, and it is good fiction at that. Little snippets here and there into the mind of a sexually charged male.  His writing style sneaks up on you gently, as the site is so aptly named. I got hooked reading thru for this review.  His words danced across the page and the images in my mind came very easily.  The site is very easy to navigate built on the blogger format as a blog.  Mr Gently was nice enough to tag his favorite posts, which readers should check out.  My only complaint is there is a lot going on in the sidebar, but that is the draw back of blog format, there is only so much space for front page content.

Reviewed Oct 1 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none







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