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Male Submissive Blogs



Wife Worshipper   - Male Submissive 
Starla Says -  I find it refreshing to read a male’s point of view on the lifestyle. Be it from the dominant or submissive side.

  A submissive male that is in a relationship with a younger woman writes this site.  Its not very old with less then a years worth of entries but seems to be updated regularly. Its done on basic blog spot with a pink background.

The pictures are original and the writing is open and honest. He talks about being in a cuckhold situation and the life they lead.

 I enjoyed this blog and I found the writings incredibility insightful.

Reviewed Oct  2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 

Sweat Shop Sissy - male blogs submissive

Starla Says -   Clean, easy to read, good size print, and no advertising! This site has been around since 2006 with fairly frequent updates. I had to laugh at some of his writings as he talked about how long a female takes to get ready and why or the have a happy period entry in Oct 2006. The writing is open and honest and gives us a peek into a males point of view. Is a great read!

Terra Says - Nice blogger set up on Wordpress.  The template is subtle, little advertising  lots and lots of links in the sidebar.  There are HNT pic posts, so no reading at work!! :)  I enjoyed being able to experience the male sub pov, which it seems there is not that much out there.  Original content, and you get a feel for the author.

Reviewed Dec 27  2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 


Art Through Service -

Starla Says - It is so refreshing to see a male submissives point of view when it comes to a BDSM relationship.  This blog is written by a submissive male whom is open and honest. Its not all full of sex but encompasses his life as a step father, and slave. Its eye opening and educational when it comes to a males point of view. A good read.


Angel Says - 


 Reviewed June 3  2007- Cost- Free  - Advertising Content - None







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