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Redwordsaid    - Miscellaneous 
Starla Says -   I wasn't sure how to react to the initial request to review this site. Erotica specifically for females is a rare find.  Good erotica even harder. If you are unsure of the 8.99 fee for each 30 minutes story then you can try a sample, to entice your taste buds.  The stories are well scripted and enjoyable to listen to. Turn off the lights, lite a few candles site back relax and enjoy. You won't be disappointed by what you find on this site. 

The site is clean, sharp even, and easy to navigate. There is no pop ups, ad content is minimal,  paypal is the ONLY payment method which is a drawback. Another downfall to this site is the contact info. There is only one email address and no other method of contact for this site. With spam blockers, and emails getting lost in cyberspace we really recommend two contact methods. 

Terra Says - Redwordsaid is as the site describes, erotica for women.  I have to be honest, i was a little apprehensive when listening to the first story, but half way into it, I lost my apprehensiveness!  I had at first thought it was a form of hypnosis, because the download started out with the sound of waves crashing and there was a count down, but the relaxed state it put me into opened up the possibilities. The story i listened to was "The Room", which is "...a place where fantasies of choice being taken away are played with." and let me tell you it got hot!  Well scripted and i could and will listen to it again. The site design is clean, all links work.  The downloads are $8.99 each, which is clearly stated on the download page.  My only drawback is the site's use of PayPal only, but it is definitely worth it.

Reviewed March 12 2008 Cost- 8.99 per downlaod - Advertising Content -None 



Cormac Mac Art - Miscellaneous

Starla Says -   A new blog on blogger, with no ad content. I am not sure if its my settings or the fonts used but I found myself straining to read the entries. The last update was Nov so I am not sure whether this blog will make it or not. What is there is well written, we will have to see where this blog goes.

Terra Says - Cormac Mac Art is another relatively new blog started in Sept 2007.  Very clean template on blogger with NO ad content.  There is a story to Cormac, one that he has yet to fully reveal to his readers.  I definitely will be watching this one unfold.  His headline for his blog is "sexual healing for the wounded soul", and I hope this spot provides him that space.  His content is intriguing, and there is an attempt to connect to his readers.

Reviewed Dec 27  2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 



Kruel Karess - Miscellaneous

Starla Says - I immediately had an issue with this site in that I HAD to sign up, I HAD to fill in their form which requested some personal information before I could even LOOK at the site to see if it interested me. I think this is a turn off for most people.   Once in you have the option of building your own page, viewing other profiles, watching videos, or chatting. All provided free. As terra stated is does remind me of myspace, accept for  kinky adults. I think this site has the potential to grow but I do believe the owner needs to give perspective members a peek at what's waiting once they join up. 


Terra Says - This site is to me, is MySpace for the kinky minded.. shush, don't tell Mr. Murdock!!  There are a few member uploaded videos, a chat site, groups and pics.  Membership is free, and you have to sign up to view any of the content, which is a good thing to keep the little kiddies away. The site is in the  beginning states, appears to be started around Nov 1st, so the membership count is low.  But like any social networking site, the more members, more content, = better site.  A good alternative
to the commercial sites such as and Alt. My only complaint is that the chat and main site are not integrated, you have to sign up again for a chat id, and the log on process is separate.

 From me.. 3 stars.

Reviewed Dec 27 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content -  some  

The S Spot   - Miscellaneous 
Starla Says - This is a hodegpodge of information! As a viewer  you are sure to find something to please your desire and peek your interest. When I reviewed this site I found that it was simple, in that there was no drama, there was no list of rights and wrongs, its a site dedicated to bring you the reader pleasure.  

Done on basic blog spot  the owner of this site covers all aspects of sex, bdsm, erotic. Interactive with numerous *contest* and pictures to view. Done tastefully and easy to read.

A fair amount of advertising is done on site but its kept to the side and not "in your face" . All links seem to be working and its updated regularly. 

 This is a good way to spend an afternoon.

Reviewed Aug  2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -some 







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