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Female Submissive Blogs







the cookie Jar  - female blogs submissive
Starla Says -   This site is the basic blogspot site done with a pink background. Numerous links on rape survivors and all links seem to be working. The author is 32 years old and finding her way in the BDSM lifestyle. Her writing is easy to read and flows together nicely. 

Open and honest came to mind when I re viewed her site. It is updated often and you will find no advertising or pop ups. Good afternoon read. 

Reviewed Aug 18  2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 


Calisto's Attic    - Female Blogs Submissive 
Starla Says - 
The pictures are clear and crisp and often describe the mindset of the writer. 


Its easy to use, easy to navigate. Done on basic blogger, with  no advertising, no pop ups ect. 

 The Downfalls - Some of the links are not working (none of the trailer links worked at the time of this review) and it’s black with red writing, which makes it more difficult to sit down for a few hours and read.

Reviewed June 9 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -none 

 Curvaceous Dee - Female Blogs Submissive
Starla Says -   It is not too often then we assign a 5 star rating to a site. However Curvaceous Dee is more then deserving of receiving 5 stars. Her writing style is captivating and flows naturally and freely. No false pretense in what she writes. She will capture your interest as she openly discusses all aspects of her life. Poly, kinky, Curvaceous! Her site is easy to navigate, clean,  and maintained on a regular basis.  Photos are clean and sharp. You will not be disappointed when visiting this site!

Terra Says - Curvaceous Dee is an enthralling writer.  One of the things that I love about doing reviews for The Naughty Guide, is being exposed to amazing writers, and Dee is one of them.  Her blog resides on, and has very little ad content, other than toplist links and her own reviews.  The link list on the sidebar is long, but there are other writers there to discover.  The template is clean and not distracting to the content that lies within.  Her tale is that of a kinky and poly girl, sharing insights into issues that can arise from being poly, such as jealousy.  She also gives scene/sex reports and does reviews for products.

Reviewed Feb 17 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 


 Kinky Aoefe - Female Blogs Submissive
Starla Says -  I'm always hesitant on doing new blogs for they come and go so quickly. However Aoefe seems to update her site regularly and her writing style is easy to read and follow. Very little ad content, no pop ups. A good read, lets see where it takes us in the next year. 

Terra Says -New to the world of kinky blogging, Kinky Aoefe is one of those bloggers that gives you a glimpse into her life, without giving you full disclosure.  Started in July of 07 and built on the basic Blogger template with no ad content, the her writing style is one of those that captivate you and keep you coming back for more.  Aoefe's blog is a mix of her personal tales of searching for a partner, muses about her desire of being submissive and it's impact on her life, and her fiction.

Reviewed Feb 17 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 

 A Slave's True Nature - Female Blogs Submissive
Starla Says -   A personal blog written by a submissive that is learning about her submission. I think she is an ordinary person trying to make sense of the BDSM world and what submission is all about. She writes openly and honestly, and includes  pictures with her post. Some her own, some she found, all well presented. This is a new journal in terms of time, but it is consistently updated and hopefully will continue. Good Read!

Terra Says -A Slave's True Nature is a new blog that began in Oct of 2007.  Built on Blogger using the basic template, there is no ad content and the links in the blogroll are in working order.  MJ's slave has created in this short time, a space for her musings on her slavery and some very amazing artwork and quotes.  I particularly enjoyed her post entitled: "Slave Rebellion" from Feb 2.  This was a meaty post that I am sure will resonate with many a slave/sub/bottom that are new to service or even those of us that have our moments in long-term relationships. Another blog that will be interesting to watch the journey unfold on.

Three stars for me.

Reviewed Feb 17 2008 Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 

 Linda Sue's Diary - Female Blogs Submissive
Starla Says -   Linda is a 38 year old professional woman who wears power suits during the day but is a slut by night and her journal reflect her slutty side. Alot of her journal is dedicated to this side of her although she does partake in Sugasm and other online meme's. Its hosted on blog spot so it has very little ad content and no pop ups.  Not sure why but many of her entries take you off her site and onto another. These entries I did not read.  She has a fascination with sucking cock and its written about often on her site.  An entertaining read. 

Terra Says -Linda Sue's Diary has great content.  Set up on blogger with a basic template, there is ad content, but not overpowering.  She is a contributor on The Fellatrix, with at least a weekly post referring you to that site.  This for me was kinda irksome, because I am here to read and review her site, not a site she refers to.  This sex blog though, is hot!  It is posts like Caught in the Act..., that highlight the talent this author has for spinning a tale and getting your attention.  Her writing style is not vulgar or full on sex talk, more of a mental stroke that gets you in the mood for more.

three stars from me

Reviewed Feb 17  2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content -None 

Sub Nouveau - Female Blogs Submissive

Starla Says -  This is a new site with loads of content! Its on blogger, which is usually simple and easy to read, there is allot of ad content but no pop up type ads to annoy you. There is enough variety in her content, to date, to satisfy any taste. From pictures, to videos, to well written entries.  She writes both fiction and non fiction,  and speask openly about herself and her Teacher. I think this site will continue to grow and is worth keeping an eye on!

Terra Says - Sub Nouveau is relatively new to the blog world, being established in Sept 2007.  The Blogger template is simple and clean, the ad content is not annoying, but there are a lot of toplist adverts on the side bars.  I do like the fact that there is a drop down that you can pull to read the previous months posts, this is always helpful for me as a reader and reviewer.
As for the content, it blows this one away.  The fiction is amazing!  Her story "The Perfect Implement of Pain" was so compelling I thought this was a true account until i got to the end of it.  The other thing that I like about Sub Nouveau is that thru her posts, you do get a sense for the woman, and also a sense for her Teacher.  The fact that there is a person sharing some feeling, some ideas rather than just scene reports and articles, is refreshing to me

Reviewed Dec 27 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content -  High  

Sublime Submission - - Category Fem Submissive Blogs

Starla Says - I loved the layout of this blog, simple, clean organized. Its refreshing to see a blog posted by a Young adult in a newly married d/s relationship. Honest, open and sometimes humorous. She writes about discovering BDSM the good and the bad side and how they, as a couple are dealing with this new faucet of their lives. A good read. 

Terra Says -  Sublime Submission is very well organized site.  A little under a year old, this is set up as a blog, where the author reviews movies and books.  The blog is set up on Blogger, clean background, no flashing ads.  One cool feature to this blog is the drop down menus which take you to different categories of her previous entries.  As a reader i appreciate being able to get to find a link to the meatier thought posts, such as her article from Feb 7 on "The Practical Life?".  Her writing style flows well and her thoughts and reviews are articulate.  Another cool feature is her short story contest, where she will feature your writing. 

All in all very nice spot on the web and in the blogosphere.

Reviewed Oct 28 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none

Slave Duties -  - Category Fem Submissive Blogs

Starla Says - Initially I thought this was also a commercial production. First appearance is of flashing banners at the head of the site. For a blog there is allot of advertising however  if you can over look the flashing banners and "click here for live chat" then the blog has some great content. Its packed full of  stories and entries that will appeal to almost any reader.

Terra Says- A slick well produced site. At first glance i thought it was a commercial production and not a journal. There is ad content, but none really of the blinking ohmigawd you must click me now type.  Content is original,  and i found some of the enteries to be riveting, while others appealed to my fantasy of what 24/7 slavery is.  While I do not agree with some of the author's views and beliefs on slavery, i still found it to be a compelling read.

3 stars to this one for design

Reviewed Oct 28 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - High

Silent Porn Star -  

Starla says - I really enjoyed wandering through the entries on this site. Hosted on blogspot, simple, basic design. Easy to read and packed with interesting pictures, thoughts, articles and entries. The writing is elegant and flows off the screen with ease and the site is packed full of information. Some humorous, and some thought provoking. I am sure you will find something to tease your taste buds on this site.  

Terra saysSilent Porn Star was a joy of a find for me, due to my fetish for vintage erotica.  LOVE IT!!  This is a blog that is a collection Vintage Erotica bringing it to us in one spot.  It is a must visit for those of us that are curious or enthralled with the history of erotica.  Silent Porn Star has been present since Nov of 2005, and I am having fun perusing the archives to find gems such as Tura Sanata from "Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!"

The ads on the sidebar are for relevant content, and nothing is blinking or screaming at you for attention.  Content is slick, almost as if it was a commercially produced site.  I usually read personal blogs, but this interest blog is one that I am adding to my daily read list.

4 stars from me.

Reviewed Oct 14 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none

sammie - 

Starla says - The only reason this blog received a three star is because its on . Collarme is not designed for  blogs. However, that being said, what sammi writes is a no holds barred account of her life as a masochist. Her search for the right partner, her craving for pain to fulfill that need within her and her battle with her mental illness.  She is open, honest and witty. Some accounts of her life with make you shudder in shock as you read about the latest scene and the next entry will make you laugh at the antics of her cats. A good read, now if we can only  convince her to get off collar me..)

terra says - I have been reading sammie's blog now for a while, but I have it delivered to my inbox rather than reading it on the page, since the layout of drives me insane for reading blogs The content of her blog is heartfelt and honest and I enjoy following her day to day journey thru life as submissive.  While sammie has no professional  advertising, since is a professional site, there are the usual ads.

I give this one a 3 based on content alone. :)

Reviewed Oct 1 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - medium

Veronica Lane's Sex Blog -

Starla says -  I enjoyed this site immensely. It is done on blogspot which immediately limits the journal but the author has more then made up for it in content. Writing is stylish and a pleasure to read. The author expresses herself well which in turns makes reading the blog more enjoyable. 

terra says - Great site!  Layout is easy to navigate and default blogger layout.  The pink could strain the eyes after a bit.  Content is the authors fiction and musing on the search for the right relationship, which this girl found to be intelligent and thought provoking.  Updated at least twice monthly and not a daily log of the author's life. There was about a year hiatus, and now it appears that the author is back to writing with more frequency. I will definitely keep this one on my watch list to see where it goes.

Reviewed Oct 1 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none

PixiePie's Secrets -


Starla Says - There is no fancy graphics on this site or cute little flowers opening and closing for your amusement. The journal is refreshing and a nice break away from all the ones that compete for cyberspace awards. A plain white background with black text is all this writer needs to convey her thoughts feelings and emotions. Written with honestly and passion as she explores the world of dominance and submission.



Angel Says -- I really liked this blog. It spoke about the true struggles a submissive woman faces. From limit pushing to her love and devotion to “Richard” this is the story of a woman on a journey into deeper and deeper submission. If you are looking for a blog about submission this one is a good bet.


Reviewed Aug 12 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none


Craving His Touch


Starla Says - Sit down and enjoy the ride as your browse through the journal of this lady that is trying to find her true self. She post regularly, her pictures are clear, and her thoughts and experiences are well written! The content in her journal is thought provoking and insightful. A good read!



Angel Says -- There was a minor formatting error on this blog when I went to review it. The content however was dead on. This is look at woman on a path of discovery. She explores her submission with honesty. A great submissive blog.


Reviewed Aug 12 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none


the journey -


Starla Says - I was thrilled to see this review in my in box! morningstar is open and honest in her journal. Many times she has made me laugh, other times I have sat and ponder about what she has written. She post on a consistent basis and for me, its like sitting down and opening up the next chapter of a good book. The photo journal is wonderful eye candy, the fictional journey is a good read. All around this is a great site!


Angel says - The format of this blog is lovely. Clean, easy to read and the header image is quite striking. The journal is fascinating. And, pictures! You really must see the pictures. I really enjoyed this blog.


Reviewed July 19 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none


Inside Dark Pixie -

Starla says - This is the first time I have laid eyes on this site and immediately upon opening the page to view...I smiled. I thought the design and color scheme was pleasing! It is on Blogger and the site is a little over 6 months old with consistent posting. The pictures are fabulous the links work, and the writing style is unique,

thought provoking and at times HOT! (be sure to read the erotica section)


Angel says - I enjoyed this site immensely. I wouldn't have thought pink, green, and black would work as a color scheme but it really does! The design of this site was really nice. The pictures alone are worth checking it out, but the writing is well done too. If you like submissive female blogs, you'll enjoy this one.


Reviewed July 19 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none


No Limits: A Slave's Journey of Total Submission

Starla says - This is a fairly new blog only two months old but off to a good start! Its hosted on blogger which ensures a consistent theme and all the links seem to be working. The content is refreshing and honest and enjoyable to read. I hope this site sticks around and will definitely need to be revisited in six months or so to see the changes.


Angel Says - This blog has a simple pleasing design with working links. Its content is interesting if you are in tune with the writer's style. I, personally, find blogs written in the third person distracting and I had to reread every sentence a couple of times. If you like third person blogs, you'll like this one.


Reviewed July 19 2007- Cost- Free - Advertising Content - none




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